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5 signs you’d be happier with mindful living

Ever wondered “would mindful living actually make me happier?”?

Well here you have it.

5 signs you’d be happier if you lived mindfully.

How many do you have?


  1. You keep saying “it’ll get better when…”

When we do this, we’re looking to the future. When we’re looking to the future, we miss what’s right in front of us. 

It’s like watching your favourite band play live and saying “I can’t wait for the en core, ahhhh just jump to the end already!”.

I am a massive fan of en core’s, it’s ALWAYS the band’s best songs right? But that doesn’t mean you wish away the rest of the gig.

View of a gig with the backs of people's heads and lights on a stage

If you’re counting down the hours to the weekend, you won’t notice the nice meal with your partner after work, the cute text your friend sends to say they’re thinking of you, the sunshine on the dog walk.

Mindfulness lets you enjoy what’s happening now, without waiting for things to be better.

And just a note here; sometimes life is really hard and if that’s you right now, I’m sending you so much love. Sometimes, there are things that mindfulness can’t make easy and pleasant (see my last blog post for more on this here), but it can help you be ready for the happiness when it comes.

2. You’re always counting down the days (or hours) until the weekend

See point 1 for more on this. 

Yes the weekend is likely to be more fun than the working week (assuming you’re not working the weekend - eep) but that doesn’t mean the week has to be unpleasant. 

3. You keep saying “I love my life but…”

Life is always going to have challenges. Unless you live in a beautiful bubble, it's likely you need to get up in the morning and earn money to pay the bills, and even if you enjoy it, work is going to stressful sometimes. 

But are you just saying you like your life because you know you should, when actually, if you’re honest, it’s not feeling as good as it looks?

4. When you remember a holiday or night out, you love the memories but know you didn’t really enjoy it in the moment

On paper, your life looks great.

The holidays, the day trips, the evenings out.

But if you’re honest with yourself, at the time you were constantly clock-watching trying to make sure you stuck to your detailed itinerary.

And you snapped at your partner when he wanted a lie-in when you were supposed to be having a day trip to that historical site you spent ages reading about.

Beautiful stone runes in Ancient Greek against a blue sky

So yeah, nice on paper. In reality, not always so.

5. The good times feel like a tick-box exercise 

You have to go to yoga after work because you need to relax and switch off before you do it all over again. 

You need to see your old uni friend on the weekend because she’s been having a hard time and you know she could do with a night out.

You’ve got to make time to have dinner with your partner on Wednesday because you’ve both been working shifts and you’ve barely seen each other lately. 

All things which should feel nice. But all things which feel like a bit more effort than they should…

How many did you have?

  • 0

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

Old Me is a 5/5.

And even now I do all of them sometimes.

The difference?

I used to think these were all normal. 

Now I know life doesn’t have to feel like this.


Now when I notice any of these five things, it’s a reminder to myself to be more mindful.


Want to chat about how I can help you to enjoy more of life by living mindfully?

Book a free no-obligation call and if I think you'll be happier after working with me, I'll offer you a money back guarantee


And whether you choose to work with me or not, take a moment to think about how many of these points you said yes to.


And then ask yourself if there’s something you could do to enjoy more of life right now.

Sending lots of love xx

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