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Hey There

Are you a hard-working perfectionist that's heard all about mindfulness and wants to experience it for yourself?

Maybe you know all about the benefits of meditating but can’t seem to make it work for you?


Or maybe you're already a fan of mindfulness and you're now keen to make it part of your life, ALL THE TIME?

If that sounds like you and you’re free 27-29th Sept 2024, I’d love to welcome you to my intimate Mindful Living Retreat. 

I'm a veterinarian turned mindfulness coach, and I didn't used to think mindfulness worked for “people like me”.

I'd read a load of studies about how meditation helped healthy people to be subjectively happier, about how it reduces the size of the amygdala (the part of the brain involved in your stress response) so you feel less stress day-to-day and how it helps you focus, concentrate and make better decisions… but even after meditating for two years, I didn't feel much different.


And then I went on a mindfulness retreat and came home feeling like I was walking on a cloud.


I realised mindfulness wasn't something you did “while on a mindful walk in nature” or for 10 minutes a day while meditating.


It's a way you can live your whole life. Every minute of it.


But while I experienced that on a retreat, I could never make the feeling last more than a few days.

It's taken me years to learn how to actually LIVE mindfully.


How to slow down the chatter in my head so I could relax and switch off as soon as I got home in the evenings. 


How to trust myself to make the right decisions at work, rather than constantly double checking everything.


How to enjoy the small moments in life, like dinner with my partner and eating a tasty meal, rather than needing things to be perfect or “special” for me to pay them attention.


And that's why I became a mindfulness coach.


To teach other hard-working professionals how to make mindfulness part of life ALL the time.

Testimonials from single day retreats - imagine the change in a whole weekend

"I came away from your day retreat feeling positive, with strategies I could easily implement into my busy life. And the day itself was so relaxing - a real treat! Thank you!'

"I didn't think I'd be the sort of person to go on a retreat day, but found myself thinking why not? I left the day feeling so calm with a much bigger appreciation for the small things in life, and several days later my head is still so much quieter than normal"

"One year on, the day retreat is still having a big impact on my life and helps me break out of bad cycles with overthinking or unhelpful thought processes"

In my Mindful Living Retreat, we'll have 48 hours together to actually BE mindful, so you experience how amazing it feels to live like this. 

And while we're there, I'll teach you my 7-step MINDFUL ™ process to make it part of your life, all the time.

With only four guests and two coaches (myself and a past client, now a yoga teacher), you'll have a HUGE amount of support.


The details


relaxing weekend with friends while practising being mindful and learning to carry the feeling with you


Fri 5pm 27th Sept - 

Sun 5pm 29th Sept 2024


 a beautiful cottage in Dursley, between Bristol and Gloucester. 


you'll be sharing a twin room with one other guest


£400 per person

 incl. accommodation, food (except a meal out on Saturday) and workshops

Book your spot

Come and switch off for the weekend, and then carry the feeling home with you

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Love the look of this but not free these dates?

Let me know via the form above and I'll offer you the price here for a future date, even I increase my prices. 

Want to learn more about mindful living?

For tips on things like creating more time, learning to trust yourself and navigating common mistakes when meditating, sign up to my mailing list. 

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