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Hi, I'm Lucy, veterinary surgeon turned mindfulness coach

I didn't think mindfulness helped people like me

People in “real” jobs, with genuine causes of stress (make a mistake as a vet and an animal might die…), who couldn’t afford to relax and “just enjoy it!”. How wrong I was. Now I help people like “Old Me” avoid burnout and learn to trust themselves so they can relax without worrying about dropping the ball (it is possible), and actually enjoy the job and life they’ve spent so long working towards.

Here's how I changed my life

In 2015, here's what my hard-working, high-aiming characteristics looked like in reality

• Always going the extra mile at work but therefore struggling to leave on time and switch off at home

• Planning every minute of my time to make sure I got everything done while maximising fun, but therefore getting really stressed if things didn't work out, including snapping at the people around me

• Always having something scheduled in my free-time but therefore sometimes doing things on autopilot, when I'd have actually preferred just chilling at home

• Caring so much about everyone else that I put other-people before myself and got exhausted and burnout in the process

With mindful living, this is how those same characteristics look in me now

• Going the extra mile at work while leaving on time, switching off, and turning up the next day rejuvenated and ready to smash more goals

• Being the best version of me WITHOUT pushing to exhaustion, safe in the knowledge that what I'm doing is always good enough (goodbye imposter syndrome!)

• Planning my time but with flexibility that allows me to be spontaneous, stay calm when things don't stick to the schedule, and actually get MORE done

• I prioritise having fun in my life, and find joy multiple times a day, every day. No need to schedule it, it just happens!

• I no longer feel guilty for putting myself first and consequently have plenty of energy to give to those around me; and enjoy doing so

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So what EXACTLY is mindful living?

It's certainly not sitting on a beach meditating all day!

Mindful living is taking the skill of being mindful, and applying it to every moment in your life. 

That means focusing on the present moment, with curiosity and without judgement. So that's no constantly thinking about the past or future, worrying about something on repeat and no preconceived judgements about anything. 

So how can mindful living help you?

Much of the stress and difficulty we encounter in our lives is due to NOT living mindfully. We worry about the past or future. We jump ahead to disastrous possibilities. We make judgements based on past experiences.

Mindful living removes all that. When we look at what is happening right now, with curiosity and without past judgement, we find an inner sense of calm and often joy.

Imagine working on a deadline at work and just focusing on the moment in front of you, not the worry about the future and whether you'll get it done or not. You could actually enjoy the work.

Imagine leaving work and immediately enjoying your free time. No carrying ill-feeling with you, no running through the to-do list for tomorrow. Just enjoying your time to spend on (long-forgotten) hobbies and connecting with loved ones.

While the concept is simple, the reality of mindful living can be more tricky. It's taken me years and many modalities (not just traditional meditation) to get me to the state of mindful living I'm at now.

And that's why I became a coach.

Because I understand how hard it is to "stay in the present moment". So I created a 7-step plan to help my clients take mindful living into their life.

Why trust me?

I know that when you choose to work with someone to improve your life, you want to know you can trust them.

Here's a couple of my credentials to put your mind at ease.

• I graduated as a veterinary surgeon with distinction AND have a second degree in animal behaviour and welfare. 

This means I'm hot on science! I was pretty skeptical about meditation and mindfulness before I started this journey and it was only by reading a tonne of research of how it works and how it literally changes your brain, that I was convinced to give it a try. I can break all that down for you and explain WHY I teach mindful living the way I do.

• I'm a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy. 

Basically, I know how to teach. I know how to explain complicated concepts in a way you'll understand, and break down abstract ideas like "stay in the present moment" into tangible action steps. Check out my client testimonials for proof on this one!

• In my job as a university lecturer, I've created a wellbeing curriculum that the first-of-its-kind in the world

I've won awards and bursaries for my work on this, presented at international conferences and have been published in a journal​. I mean it when I say I'm good.

• I'm a certified yoga teacher

Which includes training in meditation as well as yogic principles such as self-kindness, discipline and contentment.

• I'm a certified level 2 EFT practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) involves tapping on acupuncture points while saying set words or phrases. It allows you to process difficult emotions and recurring thought patterns that make it difficult to be mindful. I thought it was hocus pocus when I first heard about it, but there's a growing body of evidence that this really works.

• Most importantly I LIVE mindfulness. 

You don't want to be taught by someone who doesn't walk the talk. I do, every day. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. But I think that's what makes me a great coach - I understand how hard it can be to stay present sometimes, but I also know how rewarding it is. I'd love to bring you on this journey with me.

Client Testimonials

I have really enjoyed this process. I was a bit sceptical as to how mindfulness and meditation could get me out of the super stressed situation I was in on the verge of burnout. But over the last few weeks, Lucy has really helped me to switch off from work, be more present and enjoy life outside of work. Focusing much less on a to do list but still being productive and less stressed, it’s a win win situation.

Client L, veterinary surgeon

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