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After working with me, this could be you

  • Trust yourself to deal with challenges, make decisions with ease and reach your full potential

  • Experience more time to do the things you want, as you learn to switch-off the moment your free-time begins

  • Move away from constant planning, worry about the past and future, and overwhelm 

  • Stay calm when plans change last minute as you release control and worry about things you can't change

  • Enjoy more of your life, as you find happiness in your day-to-day routine

When we work together, this can become your reality. I'll teach you my signature 7-step plan for mindful living and support you to remove the filters that are holding you back.

Hi there you hard-working, high-aiming, overthinker

I know you're stressed and I know you're juggling at least 10 balls right now, none of which you want to drop.

I also know you don't want to feel like that. That you know there's a lot of potential joy in your life but you're finding it hard to slow down enough to appreciate it.


There's always just so much to do.

By the time you get home from work it's already 7.20pm, then you've got to cook dinner, do the washing, call your Grandma (because it's already Thursday and you haven't done it yet this week) and buy that present for you sister-in-law's birthday (because you know your other half has forgotten and the royal mail is so damn slow these days).

All so you can squeeze in an hour of TV before bed, so you at least feel like you've had some time to yourself today.

Quite frankly, you're exhausted.

You're tired of overthinking every. single. little. decision. Like what to have for dinner, when to call Grandma and what to actually buy your sister-in-law (it'll probably be that Yankee Candle you know she likes and have added to your cart 5 times but you keep wondering if you'll think of something better).

And that's before you even think about work and how you just constantly feel like you need to check everything in case you've made a mistake.

Every morning you wake up and count how many days are left until the weekend so you can CHILL OUT and slow down.

But then you spend half the weekend counting down the hours until you have to be back at work.

Something's got to give.

Here's the thing

All the thinking is making you MORE likely to make those mistakes that you're trying so hard to avoid.

And deep down, maybe you know that... which just makes you feel worse, because now you're worried about the worry too.

You're trying to stop thinking by thinking but it's like trying to stop a flood with water. It's not going to work.

So how do you change?

Telling yourself to just worry less and "focus on the moment in front of you" might help, but it's like chopping the head off a weed and expecting the problem to go away. The garden will look nicer initially but you're going to have to keep doing it. Which means you've now just got one more thing to think about.

What if instead you stopped trying to treat the symptoms and instead you treated the underlying cause?

What if you pulled the weed up from its roots?

DSC09407 (1).jpg

The reason you overthink everything is because you don't trust yourself.

You don't trust you'll make the "right decision" at work and not make a fool of yourself (or worse, make a mistake and someone else have to deal with it). Or trust that you'll be a "good person" and remember Grandma's birthday. That you won't let people down.

But what if you inherently knew you were a good person and could be trusted to make good decisions without overthinking everything

When I work with clients one-to-one, we change how you think and feel on a daily basis.

You learn to trust yourself. To believe you're a good person. To know you can handle anything. So you naturally start to find happiness in small every day moments.


A selection of client results within weeks of working with me

- Relaxing and switching off on holiday even though they had an assignment to complete for a qualification

- A vet enjoying performing a surgery they never thought they'd be confident to perform alone, despite others telling them they were perfectly competent

- Restarting a hobby that had been neglected due to a lack of time
- Increased productivity and even finishing work early in the "busiest week ever"

- Actively looking forward to a long commute they used to resent

- Confidence to take on a new role at work without fear of judgement from others

- Setting boundaries when they were busy and being repeatedly asked for advice by a family member

When we work together one-to-one you get...

My tried and tested 7-step MINDFUL ™ plan for mindful living

In the first week we'll personalise this to you, your life and your goals. Then every Monday we'll check back in and make any necessary changes so you keep growing and have a routine to continue after we finish working together.

Unlimited WhatsApp support Monday-Friday

Had a stressful meeting at work and struggling to stop that overthinking? Send me a message and we'll troubleshoot together. Many of my clients message me daily, meaning they notice big changes within weeks, if not days.

Fortnightly one-to-one zoom calls for coaching and EFT

These are instrumental in pulling up the roots of the beliefs that are holding you back, so you can focus on enjoying life. Think of it like removing the roadblocks that are holding you back, so you don't have to expend energy navigating them.

I know you want to feel at peace when you get up in the morning.

To feel proud of yourself when you achieve a life-long goal, rather than just relief that it's over. 

To relax without feeling lazy and thinking about your to-do list.

To know you're good at your job without always needing other people to tell you how amazing you are (because you are).

To trust yourself when you make difficult decisions. 

To actually enjoy this wonderful life you've built for yourself, before any more passes by.

I also know you don't just want a quick fix

You're ready to change your life for good.

To learn strategies that will prevent you feeling like this again, rather than just put glitter on things for now without actually changing anything fundamentally. 

7) mid Juley, Cleeve (2).jpg

The details

12-week one-to-one coaching

A 90-minute strategy session 

5 x 60 minute EFT sessions

Unlimited WhatsApp support Monday-Friday

£2500 or 3 monthly payments of £850

Let's do this

Book a free call and we'll talk about where you are now, where you want to be and whether or not my coaching package can help you get there.

If we both feel like it's a good fit, I'll offer you my money-back guarantee, because with the right people, I'm 100% sure this will change your life.

Book a free call

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