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Making decisions quickly and easily; UPGRADE

Making decisions quickly and easily; UPGRADE

So you've downloaded the free "Making Decisions Quickly and Easily" Guide here, loved it, and now want more?


In this upgrade, you get the level of detail I give my one-to-one clients, including;

  • Ten 10-second techniques for pressing pause and focusing on the present moment.
  • How to focus on the present moment , even if you’re planning something in the future.
  • Exactly how to allow yourself to make the wrong decision (yes there’s a technique for that!).
  • How to create a mindfulness routine that actually helps you make decisions quickly and easily every time.
  • An 8 minute EFT meditation to build your self-confidence around decision-making.
  • BONUS: EFT Recipe, so you can create EFT meditations personalised to you


"I found the upgrade document really useful. The advice on 'how to break down a decision' most hit home for me and will be really helpful when I have multiple factors to weigh up in some bug decisions later this year. And I felt calmer after the EFT - it helped me decide to go to the gym!"

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