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Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Making decisions quickly and easily;
the essentials 

Are you fed up of going around in circles on what to have for dinner, and then getting frustrated when it isn’t perfect?


Or trying to choose the best evening to meet a friend, but you can’t decide if you should do Tuesdays because you’re more likely to finish work on time, Wednesdays because they do a deal night at your favourite restaurant or Thursday because then it feels more like the weekend?


Or working out the optimal time to set your alarm clock so you maximise sleep while still getting to work on time (without needing to skip the shower to make that happen)?


And if that is you, I bet you know it shouldn’t take long to make decisions like this, but knowing that doesn’t help you. 


It actually just makes you more stressed.


You know you need to just pick one, but you also know that if you don’t get it right, then you’ll beat yourself up later. You’ll regret not spending the time thinking about it a bit more.


You’ll say to yourself “I KNEW I should have picked Tuesday, why didn’t I pick Tuesday?!”.


And the more time you spend thinking about it, the harder it gets. 


You try asking your partner and they just shrug and say “it doesn’t matter, just pick one”.


You end up eating beans on toast, not suggesting an evening out with your friend and ironically losing more sleep trying to make a decision about maximising sleep. 


You’ve never been one of those people that could make a decision quickly or easily. 


You’re the person that says “I don’t know” when asked if you’re decisive if not. 


But there are times when it would be really helpful if you could JUST MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND.


So how do you it?!

Well after seeing SO many people struggle with this, I thought it was about time I created a guide.


And not just a guide, a guide with a free 3-minute EFT meditation to use for those moments when you can not, for the life of you, decide whether to have the chicken and bacon sandwich (tastes so good!) or the avocado wrap (also good, plus more healthy, but just not what you’re feeling today…). 


I’ve been reaching for this recording when I’ve been struggling with day-to-day decisions myself, and honestly, I don’t even get 1 minute in before pressing pause and moving on with my day, knowing exactly what decision I need to make. 


And the feedback I’ve had has been AMAZING. Comments like


Before using this on a low-stakes decision (it was over whether to eat now / coffee now / exercise / keep working) I felt like I was going into overdrive thinking. After I definitely feel more calmed and like “f*ck it, we can relax into this a bit more, it’s no biggie”.


It was super easy to follow and helped me clear my mind.


Having used this, it’s helped me realise that the decision I need to make doesn’t need to feel fraught, and it’s helped me start planning what I need to do [to move forwards].

If you'd like to claim back more time in your busy life and get on with enjoying the important things, like dinner with your partner and a night out with your friend, get the guide AND EFT meditation below.

Get "Making decisions; the essentials"

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