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Meditation Made Easy

So you've decided you want to meditate, but now you're feeling overwhelmed trying to find a good free one. 

Or maybe you spend ages trying to find a good one that fits your current mood but as soon as you press play, you instantly don't like the sound of it. 

And maybe you decide to push through and listen to the one that's not great, but then you don't enjoy it and it reinforces the belief that meditation is just not for you.

I have definitely been there.

Hence this guide. 

A selection of my favourite FREE meditations, along with guidance on when to use them.

Want to set yourself up for a good day?

Or maybe you can't stop worrying about something and want a meditation to help clear your mind?

Or maybe, after learning more about the benefits of increased awareness, you simply want to practise watching your thoughts?

There's a meditation for each of those, and more, each with clear guidance on when to use it and how long it lasts, so you can make a choice that's right for you.

If you want to sit back, relax and press play knowing you're listening to a good track, download the guide below.

Get "Meditation Made Easy"

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