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It’s time to enjoy the life you’ve spent so long working towards

Mindful living for overwhelmed professionals

Even if you think it won’t work for you and without dropping any balls

As a recovering perfectionist and past veterinary surgeon, I get it.

You’re juggling a lot and you can’t afford to “go for a mindful walk in nature” without running your extensive to-do list through your head. 

But here’s the thing. 

The way you’re living isn’t sustainable. And I think you know that, or you wouldn’t be here. You’re looking for a solution that will keep all those balls in the air AND let you enjoy this life you’ve worked so hard to create. I’m here to tell you it’s possible.


What clients say...

Since working with Lucy, I’m able to slow down, relax and enjoy much more of life knowing that everything will come together and be ok. I am not a walking “to do list” anymore, I don’t have that constant panicking feeling of “what have I forgotten?”. I’m much happier, I have more energy and I feel more able to cope with change and challenges, two words I’d have run a mile from previously! I wish I’d signed up sooner and not thought about it for so long! It’s been completely life changing.

Client A, veterinary surgeon

When I teach you to live mindfully, you will


Start enjoying life, even when it's not perfect

No more “it’ll get better when…” while life whizzes past. Let’s get you enjoying dinner with your partner and feeling proud of that promotion, even if you do wish you had more free time (although when I teach you how to live mindfully, we’ll make that happen too).

Stay calm, even when plans change last minute and things don’t go plan

Learn to trust yourself so you can release control and stop worrying about things you can’t change.

Slow down that busy mind

So you can leave work at work, make decisions with ease and move away from constant planning, worry about the past and future and overwhelm.

Are you next?

Lucy taught me techniques to reduce the anxiety I was feeling on a daily basis, calm feelings of inadequacy and to live in the moment.

It's been a couple of months since finishing coaching and I feel like the best version of myself - [my new job] is tiring but I’m fulfilled and I’m genuinely happy with life. Messaging Lucy was the best decision I could have made.

Client K, veterinarian and practice owner

Prior to working with Lucy, I was constantly forwarding planning and stressing about situations that hadn’t happened. I was full of self-doubt and I lacked the confidence I once thrived in.

Now I handle challenges with curiosity and confidence. I needed a boost of happiness and reminding who I am and I've achieved that with Lucy.

Client M, architect

My mindful process

Strategies in the moment

So when you're struggling to make a decision, turn off thoughts about work or simply enjoy your weekend with the kids, you'll know how to break that cycle and get on with enjoying life.

A long term MINDFUL ™ plan

This isn't just meditating. It's a whole new way of living. With my 7-step MINDFUL ™ plan you'll learn to trust yourself so the in-the-moment strategies become easier and more effective.

EFT to remove obstacles

My clients regularly call this magic. With Emotional Freedom Technique, we reprogram your brain so you don't have to think about how to make decisions, switch off after work or enjoy your whole weekend; it just happens.


Hi, I'm Lucy. Vet turned mindful living coach for overthinking professionals

Let’s get you enjoying your free time while still absolutely smashing your day-job (or evening and weekend and on-call job).

I didn't think mindfulness helped people like me.

People in “real” jobs, with genuine causes of stress (make a mistake as a vet and an animal might die…), who couldn’t afford to relax and “just enjoy it!”. How wrong I was. Now I help people like “Old Me” avoid burnout and learn to trust themselves so they can relax without worrying about dropping the ball (it is possible), and actually enjoy the job and life they’ve spent so long working towards.

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