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10 things that happen when you trust yourself The Mindful Living Academy way*

In the last blog post, I shared how I used to think I was a confident person. So much has changed since I started living mindfully and life looks SO different now, but it can be hard to imagine it when you're just starting your journey. I certainly had no idea my life would look how it does now. And because in order to get somewhere, it's generally much easier if you know where you're going (rather than wandering around lost for a while like I did), I wanted to share 10 ways your life can be different if you trust yourself The Mindful Living Academy Way* *ie. you're modest, not honest about your abilities. You're not cocky so you don't put yourself in situations you can't handle. And you're calm, so you don't push yourself to exhaustion either.

10 things that happen when you trust yourself The Mindful Living Academy way

  1. You go for that extra qualification that you've secretly wanted to do for ages 2. You stop feeling terrified of mistakes - you still avoid them, of course, and if anything they happen less often now, but you're not crippled by that fear of something going wrong 3. You don't feel guilty or lazy (or both) if you don't achieve everything on your to-do list 4. You don't feel like a failure if need to ask for help doing a task at work - you know you'll be able to do it on your own eventually and that it's just part of the learning process 5. In fact, you sometimes even get excited about the opportunity to learn something new when you need to ask for help 6. You're able to be spontaneous, accept last minute plans and go with the flow 7. You make a decision without extensively weighing up all the pros and cons first - no more spreadsheets to decide where to eat for dinner on your anniversary 8. You finish work on time in faith you've done enough 9. You're not phased if other people do things differently to you; rather than being plagued by self-doubt, you listen with interest and make an educated decision 10. Day-to-day you feel calm and relaxed, rather than you're constantly running from a lion

I hope this provides a bit of inspiration to live more mindfully and learn to trust yourself!

Let me know in the comments.


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