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Worried that you'll drop the ball? You won't.

I hear a lot of clients say this - that as much as they WANT to slow down, they're scared to.

That if they relax and "enjoy the moment", they'll get less done. And they don't have time for that.

Can you relate?

So for a little inspiration today, I thought I'd share more detail on how my life has changed - because I consider myself a high-aiming, high-achieving kind-of-gal and honestly, my life has only got better since being more mindful.

In 2015, here's what my hard-working, high-aiming characteristics looked like in reality

• Always going the extra mile at work but therefore struggling to leave on time and switch off at home • Planning every minute of my time to make sure I got everything done while maximising fun, but therefore getting really stressed if things didn't work out, including snapping at the people around me • Always having something scheduled in my free-time but therefore sometimes doing things on autopilot, when I'd have actually preferred just chilling at home • Caring so much about everyone else that I put other-people before myself and got exhausted and burnout in the process

• Pushing myself to be the best that I could be but therefore never feeling good enough because my standards were unattainable

With mindful living, this is how those same characteristics look in me now • Going the extra mile at work while leaving on time, switching off, and turning up the next day rejuvenated and ready to smash more goals • Being the best version of me WITHOUT pushing to exhaustion, safe in the knowledge that what I'm doing is always good enough (goodbye unrealistic standards and imposter syndrome!) • Planning my time but with flexibility that allows me to be spontaneous, stay calm when things don't stick to the schedule, and actually get MORE done • I prioritise having fun in my life, and find joy multiple times a day, every day. No need to schedule it, it just happens! • I no longer feel guilty for putting myself first and consequently have plenty of energy to give to those around me; and enjoy doing so

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