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Why I'm running a group programme on SELF-TRUST

Growing my self-confidence has probably been the biggest change in my life since becoming mindful. It just underpins SO much.

You may have seen me talking on socials or in emails about how The SELF-TRUST TOOLKIT will help you to make decisions with ease, stop worrying about mistakes and believe you're good enough to go for that promotion (even when you're new at something and without needing external validation).

But self-confidence and self-trust is about so much more than that.

It underpins my ability to switch off, so I can actually enjoy my free-time without worrying about my to-do list or jobs at work.

I have more free time, read more books and actually have time to myself most days even though I have two young kids, because I'm not faffing around over 1572 different options.

I can go with the flow without needing to plan my life to the minute (I talk about how I used to live like that in a blog post here).

I set boundaries that I never would have dreamed of setting before, like spending Christmas Day where I want, not with certain family members who give me the cold shoulder if I don't spend it with them.

But more than all of that, I feel happy. More than happy. I feel content.

It's probably my biggest aim when coaching one-to-one MINDSET clients - to get them to the point that they feel like life is good, even on the hard days.

Because there will be hard days.

But when you trust yourself, you know you can handle anything. You can handle feeling exhausted, feeling sad, feeling angry, guilty, worried, annoyed. You know it'll pass and you can appreciate the goodness in your life despite the hardships.

And you know you're being the best version of you. Not in a #livingmybestlife way. But in a wholesome, my-house-is-a-mess-but-I-went-for-that-promotion-and-I-feel-so-damn-proud-of-myself kind-of-way.

And it's that, that makes life really good. Knowing that (1) whatever happens, you'll be ok. That (2) you're being the best version of you and living up to your potential. And (3) appreciating yourself and all the wonderful people and things in your life.

I LOVE coaching people to live like this, but I appreciate my one-to-one MINDSET coaching isn't right for everyone.

And so I wanted to create something that covers the key principles of trusting yourself, for the people that want to learn how and are willing to put the work in themselves once they have the techniques.

So if you're a hard-working caring person that wants to stop doubting yourself and start enjoying this wonderful life you've built for yourself, I'd love to support you to make that happen.

Check out the details on my "work with me" page.


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