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Myth-busting; "living your best life" doesn't have to mean going out every night and away every weekend*

This is what it means to me ⬇️

Finishing work on time, without guilt you should have done more

Curling up with a book on a Sunday evening with no thoughts about the upcoming working week

Going for the promotion you know you're good enough for AND enjoying it

Also NOT going for that promotion you know you're good enough for because you don't actually want it

Saying "no" when you can't do a favour for someone, without making up an excuse about the cat needing her fur washed that day, without feeling like a terrible person

Saying “yes” to more things that you actually want to do without feeling overwhelmed, like that yoga retreat and lunch with a friend

Saying ‘no’ to things that don’t actually make you happy but you think should like (for me, that's musical theatre... I want to like it, but I really don't...)

Not worrying what people think of you

Being confident to ask for help without feeling ashamed, embarrassed or disappointed

Being that person that stays calm in a crisis

Spontaneously accepting plans that feel exciting, even if you don't have time to plan them perfectly

Going to bed at night feeling proud of yourself because you know you're the best version of you EVEN when you make mistakes

And the biggest one for me right now - feeling joy and gratitude every day even when things are hard

A white fist punching into the air against a plain white background

Of course mindfulness helps me achieve all these things

And let's me spot when I'm doing things from a place of FOMO rather than real desire.

If you want to live your life like this, why not see if my one-to-one coaching is right for you?

But before then, I'd love to know what "living your best life" means for you - let me know in the comments 🥰

*Also, it’s totally cool if that's what “living your best life” means for you. As long as you're doing it for the right reasons and not to suppress the stress you feel all day Monday - Friday like Old Me.


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