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Is this why you don't like meditating?

I was running a workshop at Bristol University recently and after the meditation, someone said this:

"I'm really sorry Lucy, but I didn't find that relaxing. I just immediately started thinking about my to-do list".

And I was SO grateful they said this, because it immediately got us talking about a massive misconception about mediation.

If you think meditation is to help you relax, that's where you're going wrong That belief will mean you sit down, plug in an audio and then immediately start thinking about what you need to buy at Tesco and what on Earth you're going to buy Great-Auntie Margaret for her birthday (more flowers?!). You end up feeling MORE stressed than when you started, not less. And you've wasted 10 minutes that could have been spent tidying the house. And you think "this meditation-malarky isn't for me". Not unreasonable. Except meditation isn't supposed to be about relaxing. The reason you meditate is to practise coming into the present moment. That's it. You're literally practising the skill of being mindful So that when you feel overwhelmed at work because you've received 53 emails overnight, none of which are spam, and you've only got 30 minutes to deal with them before you enter back-to-back meetings, you can focus on the present moment and stay calm Trying to live mindfully and not meditating is like moving to France and expecting to just pick up the language, without actually sitting down and learning some vocab and sentences first. It's possible, but why make it that much harder for yourself?

If you've been interested in mindful living and creating a life with more time, ease and joy but have been put off by the meditating - don't be.

Knowing HOW to meditate, when to meditate and why, make a massive difference.

And it doesn't have to be a big thing - one of my recent clients changed her life with a well-timed 2-3 minute meditation every day.

So if you don't like meditating but are keen to change your life - take a look at how you're approaching it. Could changing that change the way you feel?

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