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How to get through the hard days

I recently caught myself thinking "just one day, just get through today". You know those days? When the whole day stretches out in front of you and you're not 100% sure how you're going to manage it. You think you just need to get your head down, grin and bear it for 12-14 hours, and then you can go to bed and it'll all be over. And tomorrow things will be better. But I know, that if I think like that, it's not going to feel good. If I go into the day with the attitude of "today is a tough day, just get through it", I carry that attitude with me. It means I look at everything through the filter of "this is hard". So what do I do about it? I come back to mindfulness of course. I ask myself HONESTLY is there a problem with this moment? Or is the problem a hypothetical one, or one in the future? And if there genuinely is a problem - I ask myself what judgement am I applying? WHY is the current moment a problem? And I really question whether everyone, across the world would say the current moment was a problem? Because if they wouldn't - I'm applying a form of judgement. And if I'm applying a form of judgement, I can change that judgement to change how I feel. If the moment in front of me is indeed hard, then that's ok. I accept that. I give myself compassion in that moment. No judgement for finding it hard. But I can almost guarantee, that if I keep looking at each fresh moment without judgement, I'll find pockets of joy in that hard day. And maybe the day won't actually end up being that hard. I mean, how often is the idea of something worse than the actual thing itself? But we worry and we worry ahead of time and then we create an issue that wasn't even there. And, we apply judgements. Judgements like "today is a hard day" that then taints every little thing that we do.

I know that the concept of removing judgement is one that a lot of people struggle with, and it's something I love supporting my clients with. Often when clients message me to discuss something they're finding difficult in their life, there will be an element of judgement they've haven't recognised which is stopping them enjoying the present moment. Having someone else's eyes on your thought processes is golden for removing these - it's one thing understanding it in principle, it's another having someone in your pocket (virtually of course), to help you see your blind spots. And when I hit a particularly pesky blind spot with my clients, we use EFT to remove and rewrite it. It means you don't have to keep consciously changing your judgement in the present moment - you just see things differently. If you want to hear more about how mindfulness could help you have less days where you just "grin and bear it" and more days where you enjoy this short time we have on Earth - get on my waiting list and I'll be in touch as soon as you're at the top of the list.


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