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How to get all the essentials done AND have more time to relax, every single day.

Three things I do - the third might surprise you!


Are you a hard-working overthinker that often feels torn between getting all your jobs done to a high standard and switching off and relaxing?

Do you feel guilty if you try and take a break when there’s still so much that needs to be done?

Or maybe you just find it hard to sit down and relax if the room around you is in chaos and not tidy?

Woman lying on her back on a bed, with her hands covering her face

You’re not alone!

After finding last year pretty hard at times, this year I’ve been prioritising “enjoying life”. So while I’ve always been pretty good at taking a break every day, this year I’ve been re-kindling my love of reading and it is SO so nice.

And it made me think how so many people I know, don’t have time to relax and switch off on a regular basis.

So I thought I’d share three key things I do to get everything essential done AND have time to myself, every single day (despite having two kids, working as a mindfulness coach AND being a university lecturer).


1) I meditate

In doing this, I train my brain to SLOW DOWN and focus on one thing at a time. This makes me more productive AND stops me worrying about things in the future that haven't happened yet.

2) I remind myself I'll be more productive if I take a break

You wouldn't keep driving your car until it ran out of fuel, and we can't keep working without taking a break. By reminding myself of this, I can give myself the time I need to come back fresh and more productive.

3) I work on my self-confidence. Regularly.

So often, we keep pushing ourselves to exhaustion because we feel like we're not good enough. Even if we know we'll be more productive after a break, we feel guilty if we stop, our mind keeps whirring and we can't actually enjoy ourselves.

By working on my self-confidence, I break this cycle so I can actually stop working and give myself the break I need, without guilt, so I can come back stronger.


If you find these steps hard, you're not alone.

It's taken me a long time to actually implement these into my life.

So be kind to yourself!

Remember it’s a skill, that takes practise, just as learning a new language takes time and effort.

If you want support in making it happen, why not see if my one-to-one coaching could help? If I think working with me will drastically change your life, I'll offer you my money-back guarantee.

Whether you join or us or not, I hope these tips help you carve out a bit more time for yourself this week.

Sending you all lots of love,

Lucy x


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