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How my clients feel like they're good enough, EVEN when things don't go perfectly

Picture this

You've just had an email from your boss

That presentation you did for your colleagues last week was great, but there's been some feedback that you were unclear on a few points

Can you clarify a few things and send an email out by the end of the day?

Your heart sinks

You feel stupid for thinking it went so well, that you were good at your job

You try to remember all the positive things people said after but you think you might have imagined it, or that they obviously didn't really mean it

And now you've got to pull yourself together enough to write more?!

You're overthinking's in overdrive and if you weren't clear enough last week, how are you going to be better now?!

This is going to totally ruin your day, and you're going to go home and worry about it about all evening too


It doesn't have to be like that

When you know EFT, as soon as those flutters of "I'm not good enough" start up, you start tapping

You do a few rounds, tapping on the key acupuncture points around your face and torso

The feelings of sickness subside

You realise that actually it's quite a complicated topic and not unreasonable for people to find it confusing

And you had said "please email if you have any questions, I'd love to help you understand it more"

So this is actually good news

It means people found it interesting enough to care!

You feel excited about clarifying further, you do love this topic after all

You stop tapping to write the email and finish it within 30 minutes

By the time you go home later that day, you've all but forgotten about it.

You feel like you've had a great day.

But more than that.

You know you're not holding yourself back any more.

You know you're being the best version of you, and in a good way, not a toxic going-to-pretend-everything-is-great-even-when-it's-not way

EFT is a massive part of my one-to-one MINDSET coaching.

Not only do you learn how to do EFT yourself, but in fortnightly zoom calls we remove your "I'm not good enough" glasses that affect the way you see everything.

It's the difference of learinng how to cook and having a five-star chef come and cook for you.

For more information, check out the "work with me" page, or just send me an email.


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