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Don't believe it's possible to feel any more confident than you do right now?

Neither did my client V.

If you’re in the situation where you’re “living your dream” but it doesn’t feel as good as you thought it would and you don’t think that can change, read on.

When she came to me, V was starting out on a new exciting venture, something she'd dreamt of her whole life.

And she was sick with nerves.

It’s a pattern I often recognise in my clients. On paper their life is everything they’ve ever wanted, but because they care so much about doing a good job and not letting people down, they put a huge amount of pressure on themselves.

That pressure results in them not feeling good enough, doubting themselves and actually dreading the work they used to dream about.

V knew that the stress she was experiencing was actually linked to a bad experience in her previous job, where her confidence had been rocked.

Instead of acknowledging the pressure she was under, she’d suppressed the self-doubt that had started to creep in.

She thought leaving the stress of that job would mean her confidence returned, but her fear that she wasn’t good enough had followed her.

All that bottled up anxiety had got stronger and stronger, like water behind a dam, and it was taking all her effort to hold it there.

So we did some EFT, a form of meditation where you tap on acupuncture points (don’t worry, I thought it was voo-doo too when I first heard about it, but there are studies showing it significantly improves conditions like anxiety and depression)

She started feeling better

The anxiety left

She no longer dreaded certain surgeries but she was still just OK, not feeling amazing. Was that as good as it was going to get?

We tried some more EFT

Pretty quickly, we found something that had got stuck

See when she'd been holding in her emotions, she'd not just blocked the stress and anxiety. She'd been blocking happiness too.

That meant that even though she’d stopped being nervous of surgeries that she knew she was capable of, she didn’t look forward to them like she used to.

She wasn’t the confident surgeon she once was.

There were events in her life that “should have made her happy” but didn’t.

Because you can’t choose to *just* suppress negative emotions. You end up suppressing the good ones too.

So we used EFT to release the remaining suppressed emotions.

In LESS THAN 10 MINUTES of EFT she looked like a different person

I saw a lightness in her

She wasn't blocking happiness anymore and I saw a smile that was genuine, not a smile that was forced because she felt like she should be happy

She text me the next day.

"Thanks for last night. I feel so much lighter. It's made a massive difference"


If you're ready to move past low self-esteem and start enjoying the wonderful life you've built yourself, I'd love to work with you.

Let's chat about how you might be holding yourself back, and whether coaching with me can help you to feel more confident, every day.


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