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Do this when you want more time

Imagine a life where you always have enough time to get everything done. 

You don't worry about your to-do list. 

No running around like a headless chicken to get everything done on time. 

And time to yourself every single day. 

This is one of my many favourite benefits of mindful living. 

I've had clients talk about having more time within weeks of working with me. 

And isn't time something a lot of people say they need more of? 

So how do you create more time? 

It's actually very simple.  Focus on the moment in front of you, ONE THING AT A TIME. 

As you increase your focus, you increase your productivity, and so decrease the time spent doing something.  

So often we do a task with an internal monologue of "go faster!" "Ahhh I'm not going to get this done on time!" "I'm such an idiot for not doing this sooner". 

Now if you wanted a friend, colleague, child, to do something quicker, would it help to shout at them to go faster and stop being an idiot? Probably not. How about changing the task every 2 mins? Again, not helpful. 

How about creating a calm, encouraging environment, without distractions?Now that would help.  So give yourself that, mentally at least.

Here's what I do when I'm feeling overwhelmed and like I need more time 

1) Meditate to bring my focus into the present moment  

Notice how I don't meditate to calm myself down. I'm not trying to remove the overwhelm - those things will happen naturally as a result of focusing on the present moment.  

2) Slow down 

Now I've got myself focused on the present moment, I hold that attention by slowing down  

3) Choose one thing at a time to focus on 

Then give that thing your full attention, politely telling your mind "no not now" every time it tries to disturb the peace. 

4) Repeat  

If I find myself speeding up, procrastinating, trying to do multiple things at once - I stop and meditate again, even if only for a minute, and then go again. 

Why not give this a go?  

And if you want more support in making this your life - fill in the form below to be added to my waiting list for coaching.  

You'll be the first to know when slots to my one-to-one mentorship become available. 

And I'm so confident in my strategies for creating more time, that I offer clients a money-back guarantee. 

You read that right - if you don't experience more time in your life as a result of working with me, you'll get a refund.

What have you got to lose?


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