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Monday 6th November - Monday 4th December


What is it?

A group programme for hard-working caring people that want to stop feeling that low-level constant worry from never quite feeling good enough, and start reaching their full potential. In this 4 week SELF-TRUST TOOLKIT you'll learn how to make decisions with ease, genuinely believe you’re good enough and stop fearing mistakes WITHOUT being irresponsible (I know you don’t want to let your colleagues down), even when there isn’t yet external validation.


Is it for me?

I know that you really want to be good at your job and that drives you to question yourself so much - there’s so much to consider and you’re worried about making a mistake. You know you could learn more, maybe do an extra qualification or push yourself outside of your comfort zone, but you feel nervous doing something you’re not already good at, so you avoid it and just ask colleagues instead. You really want to believe you’re good enough, because it’s exhausting feeling like this, but you don’t know how to feel like that without doing the thing you’re scared of and getting proof that you can actually do it.


Why join?

What if it didn't have to be like that? What if you could wake up in the morning and feel excited about going to work, knowing you were good enough to handle anything that came through the door? What if you felt confident enough to go for that extra qualification and actually feel like you were reaching your full potential? What if you could make decisions with ease, stop fearing mistakes and actually feel proud of yourself, every single day?


With The SELF-TRUST TOOLKIT, that's possible.


If you're ready to

1) have a strategy that let’s you make decisions with ease

2) believe you’re good enough to go for that promotion / extra qualification / new job that you’ve been thinking about

3) stop feeling terrified of mistakes and enjoy your work

4) feel proud of yourself even on the hard days

it's time to join the SELF-TRUST TOOLKIT.


In just 4 weeks, you'll have a framework to deal with these specific scenarios so you can stop feeling that constant low-level worry and start feeling happier and more confident, every day.


How does it work?

At the moment, you’re relying on external proof to believe you’re good enough, which means every time something doesn’t go perfectly, your brain ONLY sees that. It’s like you’re wearing a pair of red glasses and now believe everything is red.


This TOOLKIT teaches you how to change the way you see yourself, and the world, so you can stop seeing “evidence” that you’re inadequate. Focusing on the four key scenarios above, I walk you through how to mentally approach things differently, then hold your hand for 4 weeks while you refine the skill. This means that when you can’t tell if something is genuinely red or if you’re just wearing the glasses again, there’s someone to help you spot the difference.


What's included?

  • Group masterclass Monday 6th Nov 20.00 - 21.30

Here you'll meet your fellow course-mates and learn how to handle those big 4 scenarios. Everyone will leave with a personalised plan to make it happen for them.


  • Group EFT Monday 20th Nov 20.00 - 20.00

The chance to go into more detail on how to re-program your brain, so rather than consciously having to think about believing in yourself, you just do.


  • 4 weeks WhatsApp support Mon-Friday

Learning a new skill is more than just following some steps. You need to practise then tweak your plan. So if you found yourself feeling inadequate and asking a colleague for a second opinion, and you feel like it would have been irresponsible not to have done that, pop a message in the group. Together we’ll work through what filters you’re wearing that are making you feel like you’re not good enough, and get you back on track.


  • A personalised plan

After creating this in the masterclass, every Monday we'll check back in and make any necessary changes, so you keep growing and keep finding more confidence.


  • Ready-made support system to continue with you on your journey

Studies show accountability is an important part of developing a consistent mindfulness practice.

This programme gives you a group of like-minded people with the same aim as you - to believe they’re good enough and reach their full potential.

Once the 4 week programme is over, I'll leave the WhatsApp group but strongly encourage you all to keep in touch, keep sharing your updated plans on a Monday and keep cheering each other on.



  • 50% off future TOOLKITs

If you commit to this programme, your life could look pretty different in just 4 weeks. So different in fact, that you might catch the mindfulness-bug.


Want to see how different your life could be with more boundaries or more happiness? Want to use your new found self-trust to slow down and switch off after work so you can enjoy more of your free time? When you join any TOOLKIT programme, I'll gift you 50% off ALL future TOOLKITs.


There's always more to learn, and I want to support you to do that.


Optional extra

  • One-to-one 60minute EFT via zoom


Looking forward to feeling excited about going to work and feeling good at your job? This programme can give you that, but it takes time to learn new skills. If you want to supercharge your results, why not book a one-to-one EFT session too?


Everyone would benefit from these but especially recommended if:

- you want to speed up your results

- there is a specific scenario in which you find it especially difficult to trust yourself

- deep down, you’re worried about trusting yourself and think the lack of self-belief is a good thing at times

- you can identify a specific incident from your past which makes it difficult for you to trust yourself


If you're ready to say goodbye to the unmanageable to-do lists and are ready to start being the best version of you, sign up today and receive £100 off this first round. Just scroll back to the top and select your option from the drop-down menu and follow the steps to the checkout.


Maximum 6 places available.

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