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The secret to long term happiness, even if your kids hate you.

Lately I've been having the thought that one day, when the my two little girls are teenagers, I won't be their favourite person any more And then I wonder if this right now is the best period of my life It doesn't mean there aren't difficulties right now, that I don't miss sleeping through the night, miss being able to do whatever I want in my free time, have time to myself, do a handstand (or at least get substantially closer to a handstand than I can now) And it doesn't mean I don't want things like a bigger house with an actual office, a functioning car (mine and my husband's are taking it in turns to die 🤪) and time to practise yoga ON MY OWN But that's all external stuff And here's the thing When I have that thought, that one day the girls will be teenagers and maybe they'll hate me and they won't want to spend time with me and AHHH THAT'S GOING TO BE AWFUL, it's because I'm placing my happiness in the power of something external to me And I know, that's not where happiness is.

So where does happiness come from? Happiness comes from within And in fact, my biggest aim for my 12 week MINDSET clients, isn't to feel more than happy - it's to feel contentment To me, contentment is about feeling good regardless of what's happening around you It doesn't mean that life is hunky dory and perfect and that you don't want things to be different It means you're able to see the happiness around life's challenges Because there will always be challenges in life (hate to be the one to break that to you). This has been a big lesson for me recently - something I already know, something I teach others to do, but I've seen it in a new light on something I was finding hard. So now, when I get the thought that "one day the girls might be hormonal teenagers that hate me", I remember that if that happens, I'll not only cope, I'll be able to find that peace, that peace that comes from within, and I'll still be able to find happiness Just like I'm doing right now.


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