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The secret to deep, lasting happiness

Lately I've been reflecting on when I've been happiest in my life - and the periods that came up, really surprised me. If you're a Bristol Vet Grad, you may know that 2nd year is notoriously difficult When I did it, it was close to 35 hours of lectures/practicals a week plus study every evening plus assignments But it was a period that came up as a time I was really genuinely happy. So I thought about why And I noticed something massive - and it happens to be a key thing that I teach my clients See in second year, I trusted myself - I KNEW I could do it, pass the exams, the assignments And that trust resulted in a sense of peace, which created that sense of happiness But here's where it gets really cool That trust came from externally It came from doing well in previous exams, from knowing I had a good study technique But what do you do when you don't have that external proof? For example when you're new at something Well then the trust will crumble and with it, so will your peace and happiness - which explains why I quickly became so unhappy as a vet in practice I didn't have proof that I could do surgeries on my own and diagnose every case correctly first time - so I lost that sense of peace and happiness Looking back, I understand that - but I kept looking for proof I was good, all while thinking "I'm awful at this" which was making things worse 🤦‍♀️ But now, I know how to create that trust EVEN while growing the proof. It's something I check back in with regularly and it's something I love teaching my one-to-one MINDSET clients.

And that's why I feel so happy right now I trust that I can do all the necessary house work, run my business, look after my girls, be a good person, enjoy time with my husband... And so I feel a sense of peace and happiness That's been my big lesson this week - recognising how similar all the happy times in my life are And recognising how much deeper my happiness is now, because it's coming from me, not from something outside me If you resonate with this, let me know! When have you been happiest? Were peace and trust underlying it, or something else? How would it feel to know YOU were in control of your happiness, not your external circumstances?


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