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3 reasons you can't switch off and leave work at work

This comes up a LOT with my one-to-one MINDSET clients. So I thought I'd break it down.

Let's go.

1. You think the thinking is helping you.

You worry if you switch off it will all turn into a disaster.

But actually, all the thinking is making it difficult to focus. Which is making you more likely to make a mistake or miss something. Which is making you think you need to think more.

But you wouldn't expect Mo Farah to perform well by running EVERYWHERE all the time. So why expect your mind to perform well if it's always thinking?

2. Your brain is addicted to being 'on'.

It's. not that you're a person that 'can't switch off' , it's that you've just trained your brain to always be thinking.

So the minute there's a pause, it rushes in with "but have you remembered to put carrots on the shopping list?" or "don't forget to call Mrs Smith when you get to work tomorrow".

It's trying to help, it's doing what it thinks you want (which we've established, you actually do kind of want ). It's like training a puppy to wee on puppy pads by the back door and then expecting him to know he's supposed to wee in the garden. It literally doesn't know how to do that.

3. You know you want to change but you don't know how

On your own at least.

You try to put your phone away but then reach for it 2 minutes later.

You try to "just focus on the moment in front of you" but then you remember something crucial that you keep forgetting to do and so jump up to deal with it.

It's because switching off is a skill, just like learning to speak a foreign language. You don't just start spontaneously speaking in French without learning a few words and phrases. It takes effort initially, to learn the strategies and then to implement them.

Of course you can learn how to switch off yourself, just like you can teach yourself how to speak French.

But if you want support to make it happen quicker, more easily and to a much deeper level than you can on your own, my new SWITCH-OFF TOOLKIT will give you a framework to make it happen.

The SWITCH-OFF TOOLKIT this September supports hard-working caring people to switch off and enjoy your evenings and weekends WITHOUT dropping any essential balls (I know you're juggling a lot!) and even if it feels like your brain won't let you.

If you want to start leaving work at work, so you can laugh with your husband at dinner like you did on your first date, send me an email for more details.


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